Butford Organics

A Craft Cider Producer get a slick refresh of their branding and sees record sales month.

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  • Butford Organics Project Details

  • Our Strategy

    Market Insight and Keyword Optimization

    Our initial phase focused on in-depth market research. We analyzed leading competitors in the cider industry, identifying common pitfalls and areas for improvement. What we found was that even though these brands were often much larger they often had a confusing site layout, it wasn’t clear where the shop pages were and very often they weren’t mobile-friendly at all, which is where over 50% of traffic comes from in the industry. This analysis was crucial in formulating our strategy.

    Design and User Experience

    We then embarked on a comprehensive redesign, aligning the new look with Butford Organics’ brand identity. Opting for an orange and green color scheme based on the brand colors, we prioritized a mobile-first approach to ensure a seamless shopping experience across all devices. Adhering to best practices, and what we preach here at Web Design Alchemist, we followed consistency to a T. With consistent text, colours, and spacing throughout with clear navigation to the shop pages and informational pages about the brand, the process to buy became a lot clearer.


    Implementation and Launch

    Technical SEO and Website Launch

    With a fresh design in hand, we tackled the technical SEO aspects. We meticulously transferred and fixed URLs from the old site, ensuring a smooth transition to the new platform. This step was crucial in preserving existing SEO value and setting a robust foundation for future growth as there were links from brands such as The Guardian and The Telegraph that weren’t leading anywhere! We also optimised all images into webp, the most compact image format which often slows a lot of sites down, and made sure and the titles and meta text were perfect to target the correct keywords.


    Optimizing Local SEO

    Concurrently, we corrected the Google Business Profile for Butford Organics, paying attention to local SEO elements like address accuracy and high-quality citations. With updated citations and information along with interlinking between the site and google maps profile we instantly saw a boost for certain search terms. This step was vital in boosting their local online presence as it was an area in which they wanted to grow with more tours.


    Content Strategy

    Lastly, we initiated a robust content strategy. We identified key informational gaps in the cider industry, positioning Butford Organics as a thought leader with a series of well-crafted, SEO-optimized articles. This content not only aimed to educate but also to capture a wider audience through top-of-the-funnel keywords. This also allows for stronger internal linking so we can power up the product pages while also building that ever-important topical authority.


    Link Building

    Along with still creating and implementing the content plan some stronger more equitable links can start to be implemented. Making sure the brand is claimed on all platforms has been the start with some low-hanging fruit with free web 2.0s already claimed. Next will be some more easy wins with Google entity stacking, Building some stronger web 2.0s and getting some stronger, industry relevant links. We are also engaging more holistically with other social media sites proving lucrative with Youtube and Instagram.

    The Results

    The journey with Butford Organics is a testament to the power of a well-executed digital strategy. By concentrating on providing visitors with easy and hassle-free access to the information they sought, we significantly improved the website’s navigation and clarity of product understanding. As a result, sales hit a record high in the first month along with selling out much of the tours booking for the next year!